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Floor Contractor serving Apollo Beach, Florida
“Hi my name is Johnny bass and I own laminate professionals we provide all types of flooring services and trim moldings we also completely install all flooring and trim moldings I've been in business for 15 years and look forward to helping you with your project we also give a 2 year installation warranty
(813) 515-2246
Flooring Installer: 1 to 1

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Who can be a flooring installer?
These companies in 33572 are referred to as flooring contractors, flooring companies or floor companies. Most states do not require floor contractors to be licensed.
How to find a Flooring Installer with specific Flooring skills?
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Can a Flooring Installer help?
Flooring contractors can fix floors, glue floors, install floors and maintain floors in 33572. They refinish floors, repair floors, replace floors, alter floors and sand floors in 33572. the handle floor installation, floor maintenance and floor replacement in 33572.
What can a skilled Flooring Installer do?
The best flooring contractors in 33572 are good at fixing floors, gluing floors, installing floors and maintaining floors. They are experienced at refinishing floors, repairing floors, replacing floors, altering floors and sanding floors. They resurface floors, varnish floors and polish floors with floor varnishing or floor polishing crews.